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UNICEF works to make the world a better place for all children, from the grassroots to public policy levels. Working to overcome poverty, violence, disease and discrimination, UNICEF advocates to give all the world's children a chance to survive and thrive. Among the many programs that UNICEF funds are providing immunizations to protect vulnerable children against preventable disease. They also work to bolster education for girls to ensure all children can improve their lives. From emergency relief to ongoing programs to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission to children, I am proud to support UNICEF.

My Very Best Bets - Doctors Without Borders PDF Print E-mail
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Whenever a disaster strikes - the tsunami in Indonesia, the earthquake in Haiti - Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders - responds to provide health and medical assistance. Despite horrid conditions, teams are still on the ground in Haiti providing treatment for the cholera epidemic and educating the community about cholera prevention. In addition to emergency treatment and triage in the aftermath of disaster, Doctors Without Borders also sends teams of nurses, technicians and physicians to refugee camps, slums and impoverished areas to ensure basic care in areas where few can afford to visit a doctor or nurse. An ounce of prevention in these areas can mean the difference between life and death. I am proud to support Doctors Without Borders when tragedy, like the Haitian earthquake, occurs, but I am also proud to support their efforts throughout the year.

Very Best Bets: HerShe Group PDF Print E-mail
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HerShe Group helps young women manage the transition from the foster care system to "emancipation" - when they are basically cut off from social services as they age out of foster care. Just when girls are most vulnerable - at age 18 - their support system is eliminated. Homelessness and incarceration are likely results of this abrupt change, and their education often falls by the wayside. HerShe works to help young women manage this transition through mentoring, education and fun activities.


I am proud to support the life-changing services provided by HerShe Group. This summer, my trainer Christopher and I were pleased to go on a fun afternoon hike with young women in the program. These young women are so inspiring - heartwarming and heartbreaking. I'm in awe of their strength at facing so many challenges - roughly 50 percent of girls in the foster system have been sexually or physically abused - and I'm frustrated that society basically cuts these young women loose when then need help the most. The fact is, with support and guidance, they can succeed and HerShe Group is making a difference in their lives! Please join me in supporting HerShe.

My Very Best Bets - Voli Spirits PDF Print E-mail
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Voli Spirits with Joy, Valerie and ValTV Land hosted our wrap party for Hot in Cleveland on set at Stormie's. It made perfect sense: Why leave the studios when we have a perfectly good bar right there?

Fortunately our friends from Voli Spirits stocked the bar with their delicious low-calorie infused vodkas. With tasty flavors like Orange Vanilla, Lemon, Raspberry Cocoa and Lyte, Voli vodkas have 25% to 40% fewer calories than regular spirits, and they are lower in alcohol. Our hostesses Joy (left) and Val (right) mixed Voli Lemon with raspberry lemonade for a refreshing treat.

You can sip a cocktail with your friends, and you don't have to worry too much about loading up on empty calories or a high-alcohol content. 

Very Best Bets: My New iPad PDF Print E-mail
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My son Wolfie gave me a new iPad for my 50th birthday, and I LOVE it (almost as much as I love him). The iPad is lightweight so I can take it easily when I travel - and it beats packing (and carrying) books to read on the plane. It has a gorgeous touch-screen, and like my iPhone or iPod, it's easy to navigate and intuitive to use. The best part is, Wolfie addressed the gift card to Valerie "Bert-and-Ernie!" I love my boy!


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