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Valerie's Photo Album How-To, Part 1 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Stacy Bertinelli   

Smile.jpgWorking as the editor for www.valeriebertinelli.com, I have the pleasure of curating images of one of the most photographed women in the world for the popular photo galleries on this site. Normally, that’s an easy task: Valerie will send along a handful of photos from a trip to Cape Cod, or we will snap a few pictures backstage during a Hot in Cleveland taping

Then Val and Tom decided to get married in a surprise New Year’s Day celebration (2,500+ pictures). Now we’re talking about an overwhelming task - and if you have that box of old photos in your closet, you know what I’m talking about. 

New brides, new moms and old photo-buffs, don’t fear: I have a step-by-step process to get your photos organized and get your memories preserved and displayed. If we can narrow down 2,500 wedding photos into four galleries for this site and one photobook for her family, we can tackle that box in your closet. In fact, it’s a lot like cleaning out your closet in three easy steps.

Wedding Before and After PDF Print E-mail
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Hair and Makeup

Getting my hair and makeup done really wasn't much different from getting ready for a Jenny Craig commercial or a magazine photo shoot. My good friend Roque was there to fix my hair - I've been working with him for four years and I feel so comfortable around him. As a wedding gift, Roque and his partner Jimmy gave me the beautiful antique combs that I wore in my hair that day. Eric Bernard did my makeup - I've known him for decades - in fact, I knew him back in the 80s and was thrilled to reconnect with him recently. In fact, they did my hair and makeup for the Good Housekeeping cover!


I Said YES to the Dress! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Valerie Bertinelli   

I said YES!

In saying "YES!" to my dress, I learned a very important lesson: Let the artist do what he does best and stay out of the way. David Meister designed my blue silk wedding gown. We talked about going with an "Old Hollywood" look - not a traditional white wedding gown, but something glamorous and beautiful.


Very Best Bets: Empty Vase PDF Print E-mail
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Whenever I’ve received flowers – for a birthday or special occasion – the arrangements from Empty Vase Florist of Los Angeles always stood out. In fact, I loved their arrangements so much, I started sending them to friends and colleagues. I’d never had a big enough event to use Empty Vase for their event planning… until now!


We used white roses, orchids, peonies, tulips and gardenias because they’re all my favorite flowers. Originally I had no idea what colors we would choose because I didn’t know what we were going to do with the dress. Tom actually picked out the tablecloths, and the team at Empty Vase had suggested we go with lighter, golden colors. Once I picked out the dress, we added hydrangeas to the table arrangements to bring in the blue, and Yvonne at Empty Vase thought of using blue sand in the vases along with seashells.


The wedding arch was all Yvonne – and while I was getting my make-up done, I could watch them out the window putting the arch together. That was really exciting and helped frame my mindset for the day.


Please visit my Wedding Album of Flowers from Empty Vase Florist of Los Angeles!

Stay Tuned for Wedding Updates PDF Print E-mail
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This is the invitation that we sent to our closest family and friends! We were thrilled at how many guests were truly surprised when they arrived at the house to find a wedding instead of a New Year's celebration!

Starting on Wednesday, January 12, we will post a family photo album and shortly thereafter, we'll have video highlights from the ceremony and celebration!

People magazine has the exclusive story this week, and the magazine hits news stands this Thursday and Friday (January 6 and 7). Be sure to pick up a copy as they will have tons of tidbits and gorgeous photos from the ceremony!


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