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Written by Stacy Bertinelli   

With the debut of her first cookbook, One Dish at a Time, Valerie has turned her attention to a new cookware line. 

Like the fashion and housewares that she launched during the 2011 holiday season, Valerie's boutique cooking line is in limited release, although fans may be able to find them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods. The pots and pans, dishes and utensils come in some of  Valerie's favorite colors - robin's egg blue and red - and they come in handy when you're whipping up something from her new cookbook.

In fact, Valerie saved Thanksgiving for a fan in Canada!



Brie Smith recently moved from Phoenix, Arizona to Toronto, Ontario to enroll in a graduate program. She was invited to a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration on Monday, October 8.

"The good news is we had a Monday off - but it was bad news for me, a pie baker with no pie dish. Mine was killed during the move," Brie said. "I went out hoping for the best and was saved by Valerie! I had no idea how long she's had these dishes, but 1) she's made it to the Great White North, and 2) it totally made my day! I just wanted to say 'thank you!' Oh, and the pie has been devoured!"





#2 Cheryl Stedman 2013-02-22 16:30
Hello, I recently purchased a dish set...I just loved the white set and the size of the bowls and luncheon plates are very generous.
I am very disappointed the set not even a month old is chipping and one plate has a huge crack in it.
Is there a warranty on dishware...or are there other sets that may be of better quality?
Cheryl Stedman
#1 matt olson 2012-11-04 00:32
hi valerie just writing you to say thanx for signing my poster of you today at the amaricana.love the recipes, can't wait to try them. good luck on the book.have a great holiday season. your fan matt olson aka asatin martin.

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